Listen, Im sorry. But I went on a cleanse. -


There’s one catch, though: The Wild Rose kit comes with four “herbal formulas” in the form of three types of tablets and one liquid extract that must be consumed twice a day, preferably with meals. As far as I can tell, there’s nothing unnatural about them: they are filled with all sorts of roots, barks and herbs. The catch is that one of these is a “laxaherb”, and this guy is responsible for the often vigourous, around the clock elimination of everything evil in your intestines, including, presumably, good things, like water.

If you are carrying around extra weight or feeling lethargic, you may have an accumulation of toxins in your system. Overburdened with our modern diet and lifestyle, the liver can use additional support to rid the body of waste materials after times of over-indulgence such as the holidays. By gently stimulating the faster removal of these accumulated toxins, the 12-Day Wild Rose Herbal D-TOX wakens up your metabolism to leave you feeling lighter, healthier, and energized for a new year.


Wild Rose Herbal D-Tox program is a simple 12 day cleansing program that follows a healthy and satisfying Meal Plan (enclosed with the kit)*. The plan recommends that 20% of the diet be taken from acid-forming foods (meat, eggs and legumes) and 80% from alkaline or neutral foods (fresh vegetables, millet, rice)*.

Wild Rose’s detox programs are the only that provide full online support through a private Facebook group. Search “Wild Rose Herbal D-TOX: 12 Day Guided Cleanse” or “Wild Rose Liver D-TOX: 15 Day Guided Cleanse”.

Food List for Wild Rose D-Tox | LEAFtv

Day 5 also saw me cave to both wheat and cheese, only because that nephew was born and all of sudden my dad and step-mom were coming over for dinner and I wasn’t prepared so I picked up roti stuffed with saag paneer and mutur paneer. (Speaking of prepared, this type of cleanse requires you to be so, in the grocery department, so that you don’t crumble under the conditions of being without proper supplies.)

For someone whose arm hair goes up like a cat when she walks into health food stores lined with ineffective vitamins and overpriced supplements, not to mention highly processed “health food”, choosing to go on a cleanse might sound as hypocritical as an atheist praying to God before bed.

Take two tablets (or 40 drops) of each product with both breakfast and supper. Follow the diet outlined in the included booklet.