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This test involves taking a heavy metal chelator, which is a material that will bind to the heavy metals in your tissues and pull them out of your system, and then taking a urine test the following morning.

Created by Dr. Schoemaker and Dr. Hudnell, this test is extremely accurate for detecting neurotoxins. 92% of people get accurate results, with only about 2% of people getting a false negative (passing the test despite having toxicity) and 6% get false positives (showing toxicity but not having any.)

The kidneys play a vital role in detox by extracting waste from our blood, balancing our body fluids, and forming urine to excrete toxic waste. Key kidney support tactics include supplemental support. Avoiding excess protein and consuming lots of pure water and potassium-rich foods like citrus fruits and grass-fed yogurts. Whey water, one of my favorite beverages and a tool I use for fasting, contains water, potassium, and sodium to support the kidneys via hydration and the removal of cellular waste. Drinking whey water daily will profoundly support your kidneys (and other detox organs as well) to start flushing out toxic waste.

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The accuracy of the VCS test is due to the sensitivity of the optic nerve to toxins. This nerve, which runs from the eyes into the brain, most directly effects our vision and is also one of the most sensitive to neurotoxicity of any kind.

Now, officially speaking, the VCS test is a “screening” and not a “diagnostic” test. This simply means that the test is not intended to diagnose a medical condition, so if you test positive and suspect you have a legitimate medical condition, you should work with a doctor to find a diagnosis.

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We have grown up in what is called the “lead generation.” It was everywhere, from gasoline to paint, and it is said it will take four generations to be bred out of our bodies and environment. The number one exposure of lead is actually our mothers in utero. I can speak personally about this because my wife’s lead ended up in all three of my biological children, which created several unexplainable challenges early on in their lives until we detoxed it correctly.

Let’s say you are a top CEO at a fortune 500 company. You’re one of the most well-to-do people you know, but you have mercury in your brain and lead in your bones because of paint that was in your grandmother’s house.

Very Important.