8 Powerful Liver Detox Smoothie Recipes and Detox


3. 4-3-2-1 Smoothie Parsley is a wonderful ingredient for the liver. Not only does it have plenty of detox-supporting Vitamin C, but it also stimulates bile 5 . Bile is what helps our bodies break down fats so we can use them as energy. Parsley also helps extract heavy metals from the body 6 , which can take some stress off the liver.

If the condition progresses, it can cause scarring on the liver (liver fibrosis, or cirrhosis in severe cases). This scarring can bring on the following symptoms:

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Green Smoothie Recipes for Fatty Liver.

Detox Smoothie Ingredients.

Your liver is pretty important (aka, essential) for maintaining good health. It is in charge of clearing out all the toxins that we put in our bodies through food and drinks, plus what we ingest through polluted air, water, cleaning products, air fresheners, makeup and lotions, etc… That’s a lot of possible toxins going in, so maybe we should help get them out, yes?

Chia seeds have a ton of health benefits, but for detoxing, they contain a lot of fibre which helps your body clear and remove toxins. (You know, that whole poop thing). Plus they are a great source of Omega-3s, which is important for a healthy and happy brain. Happy is always good. (More on the importance of Omega-3s here!)