Detox Your Body With A 3 Day Soup Cleanse — The Detox

I sadly didn’t experience an energy boost when I decided to try a weeklong soup cleanse during the course of writing this story. I did notice that I had to get up to pee much more frequently throughout the night — which makes sense, as I was mainly consuming liquids. I also noticed, well, hunger.

“The nice thing about soup is it’s real food. It’s satisfying,” explains Nicole Centeno, CEO and founder of the Brooklyn-based Splendid Spoon. “No one should be drinking fiber-free juices all day.” Hence, her decision to launch her own gluten-free line of plant-based soups.

Many of you will have heard about "juicing" by now, in Dublin alone we have seen several juice bars pop up over the last couple of years and "cleanses" are now widely available to purchase. I recently tried and tested Urban Health's 3 day soup and juice cleanse and thought I would let you in on how I got on.

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I'll start by saying that Urban Health in Ranelagh is a fantastic shop for anyone into their health food and nutrition. I was so impressed by the range of products they stock there, from paleo granolas to superfood powders, they have it all. What interested me in trying their cleanse was that this one was a little different to the others in the fact that you get soups along with your juices. When trying juice cleanses before, eating was always the part I missed so the idea that a hot "meal" was included was a bonus for me. In the three day cleanse you receive; 3 fresh juices and 2 soups per day. The juices are as follows;

During my cleanse, I found myself extremely hungry by midafternoon, and I needed to supplement my soups with snacks like boiled eggs, nuts, salmon, and crudites with hummus. I also ate protein bars for “dessert” and there were a couple of days when I ended up wolfing down fatty snacks (coconut shrimp or macaroni and cheese) simply because they were there — and I was ravenous. This led me to believe that Paul Salter’s thoughts on the subject were correct: For some people, doing extended soup cleanses could potentially trigger binging.

Detoxify in One Week with Juices and Soups - Step To Health

Evidence of soup cleanses “Souping” is a new juicing, but like juicing, there’s minimal research about the benefits. While eating soup may technically be healthier than juicing, it’s hard to determine if you’re getting the daily nutrients, vitamins, and calorie intake you need.

For this reason, it’s important to read the labels on the soups you’ve ordered to confirm that you’ll get adequate amounts of protein, fats, calories, and carbs. Salter notes that pure vegetables will probably lack protein, potentially leaving you feeling “horrible.” If you’re dead set on doing a longer soup cleanse, he suggests making your own soups so “you have full control of what you’re putting in your body.”

The verdict is in. Juicing is out and souping is the new trend your friends and their waistlines will be raving about. The concept is similar to a juice fast, but instead, you’re eating soup. It sounds like a simple trade, but the two are pretty different.