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Green tea contains theine, an active ingredient in the caffeine family that promotes lipolysis or fat burning. Its diuretic properties promote the elimination of waste and toxins by the kidneys.

You can use them to help lose a few pounds, jumpstart a weight loss journey, or to maintain a healthy weight.

Tips For The Best Detox Results.

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How To Detox Your Body With Tea?

You will certainly not have washboard abs overnight, like those women that you see on Instagram sipping green tea! But detox teas do have virtues that will allow you to purify your body and help promote weight loss in the long run. The real body detox effect lies more in eliminating toxins and purifying the body than significantly reducing its waistline. Be careful not to consume too much (not more than a litre per day)!

How to use our Detox Tea Cure to lose weight faster and

It may seem that tea is primarily an experience of taste, but in fact, tea is as much about smell and texture as taste. In addition, there is the physiological aspect of how tea brings its stimulating and relaxing qualities. There are many tea-based detox blends. Green tea has a high concentration of antioxidants. It reduces the negative effects caused by free radicals such as pollution or tobacco. It also has a draining action and helps to better eliminate toxins. But for a real body detox effect, it's better to choose a blend that combines green tea with detoxifying plants.

In Conclusion…

So having a higher metabolism means you’re burning more calories, which then leads to weight and fat loss.