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Lapse and relapse.

If your friend or family member turns down your encouragement to seek professional treatment, that doesn’t mean that you have to turn down professional help as well. There are heroin hotlines that you can call to speak to a professional about what your friend or family member is planning on going through. They will likely encourage you to urge your loved one to seek professional help, which is safer than cold-turkey detoxing at home. Explain your situation and they will be able to provide advice specific to you and your loved one.

Providing support.

Before you attempt at-home alcohol detox or home remedies for alcohol detox, you should understand the withdrawal symptoms from giving up alcohol cold turkey, from mild to moderate to severe:

People can say and do awful things when they’re in withdrawal. While you deserve to be treated with respect and compassion, you should also be mindful and avoid taking everything your loved one says at face value. When we’re in pain, we tend to be irrational and illogical. Unfortunately, we also tend to be most spiteful to the people we love the most. To put this into context, would you want to be held responsible for what you say during one of the most physically uncomfortable experiences of your life? Probably not!

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Stimulants impact the body’s central nervous center, and the psychological distress associated with withdrawal tends to be far more threatening than the physical symptoms. Stimulant withdrawal symptoms may include:

How to Help Someone Withdrawal and Detox from Heroin at Home.