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DTs and Alcohol Withdrawal.

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Detox at home usually takes longer than rehab facilities since the patient might be more willing to go slow and be cautious to avoid severe and dangerous complications.

Someone who wants to go through alcohol detox, but is living with a health condition like heart or lung disease, may be at increased risk of having complications during this process. Trying to go through detox alone is not recommended. A person with a seizure disorder, or who has been feeling ill, should also consult a physician before undergoing detox and seek professional help during the procedure.

Simply put, alcohol detox at home is an approach to giving up drinking that involves either stopping drinking “cold turkey” or tapering off gradually, with minimal to no outside help.

If the person has had one or more family members or friends tell them that overcoming addiction is simply a matter of being strong enough to stop using through the power of sheer willpower, they may decide that they are going to put on a show of strength and “will themselves better.”

Risks of Detoxing At Home.