Can You Really Detox Through Your Tongue?(Secret Revealed)

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The human tongue is a muscular organ located in the mouth. It is covered by pink moist tissue called Mucosa and have tiny bumps called papillae that give it a rough texture.

Hi Kim, I have a question…I have started to eat mainly raw since the start of the year. I am a teacher and wake up at 6 am to start my day. Usually, I am not hungry for a big meak 1st thing so I’ve been having a smoothie on way to work (not a green one since I cannot invest in a VitaMix at this time) and then I will get hungry at about 8am. Before I started trying to eat mainly raw foods I would eat my Ezekial Cereal and soymilk at about 8am which would keep me full and give me energy for awhile. But now at 8am I’ve been having fruit and a Larabar. Then after I have my salad for lunch at like 12 I am exhausted and have no energy and feel like I need something else, like maybe something sweet, or maybe its some carbs I’m missing. I’ve been getting really moody at this time as well. I dont drink coffee, just my Yogi Tea in the morning which is made of cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, ginger, and black tea. Plus I live in CT & its cold here and Im wondering if I should start incorporating more warm foods for lunch or start eating the Ezekial Cereal again. I just have been experiencing such a lull from 12:30 on. I just wanted to get your take on this…thank you so much. Kristen.

Tongue thrush.

Tongue diseases.

Your dentist can tell you a lot about how to care for the tongue as well as the teeth. Two visits per year is the minimum but a check up every three months is ideal.

Did you know there is a layer of toxins that forms on your tongue every morning?

Our entire digestive tract is lined with a natural mucous membrane. This membrane is very sensitive, and naturally transparent. When we eat a diet consisting of preservative chemicals, GMO foods, pesticides, very acidic foods, etc., we irritate this delicate lining.

The chart below, by AcuMedic Clinic (London), gives an idea of some common possible indicators you should be looking out for, however it's important to note this is a simplistic representation of tongue diagnosis.