Do You Need Treatment? Do You Need Detox? People often confuse the term ‘detox’ with ‘treatment’ so let’s clarify what both words mean. Detox means dealing with the physical aspects of consuming too much drugs or alcohol. The length of stay in a typical Edmonton detox is overnight to 7 days. Many clients are discharged after one overnight stay because there is so much demand for beds in a typical Calgary detox.

Calgary’s only other adult detox facility, Alpha House, a non-profit group, offers another 30 publicly funded spaces, including 10 added in 2009 in the face of surging demand. The same year, the charity opened 12 longer term beds, funded by donations, that give users a place to stay, post-detox, while they search for housing or rehab programs.

Ask for the Peter Lougheed Addiction Network. Facilitates inpatient referral for medical detoxification. A medical referral is required. Detox services are only provided to patients who are in the hospital for other health conditions, if detox is the only reason to be admitted clients are referred to Renfrew Recovery Detoxification Centre.

Most Detoxes in Calgary are No Charge It is important to note that there is no charge for detox at the programs list below if you are a resident of Alberta and have provincial health care.

Davies said “there’s no substitution for in person services” and they’re planning on doing all in-person group work as of June 1.

Renfrew Recovery Centre - Addiction Services - Adult

Sam says some patients smuggled fentanyl into the detox, something Johns has heard rumours about but has never confirmed. Sam also kept in touch with people he met there and relapsed with them after they left.

Even with the lower number, drugs were consumed under supervision 5,863 times in March alone. This number includes injection, ingestion (swallowing) and intranasal (snorting).