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2) Putting the good nutrients into your body – Detox complete kits are a great way to simplify this process. We recommend using the PaleoCleanse Plus 14 day Detox Program from Designs for Health, which can be purchased online through our DFH shop or purchased at the clinic. The.

Additionally, we continue to eat heavily processed foods, foods high in sugar and saturated fats, drink alcohol, and do drugs despite our best efforts or intentions. Toxins we are exposed to are not all easily excreted and some accumulate throughout our body, possibly causing adverse effects. For example,

If you have always been curious about doing a detox or have been wanting to do a detox, now is the perfect time to get the new year started right. This article explores the ins and outs of detox that we recommend at Phoenix Men’s Health Center. Our detox plan is for the whole body and the mind. As what you put into your body also affects how you feel, detoxing your body can also help clear your mind.

In the US alone, about 2000 new chemicals are introduced each year into our foods and products,

So what outcomes can you expect from following this detox plan? Although each individual outcome may vary, our patients in the past have experienced the following:

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3) Get good sleep & drink lots of water – Although easily overlooked, sleep is one of the most important aspects of kickstarting your body to feel better. Sleep is also needed for brain antioxidant activities. 5 Drinking lots of water has benefits, but also during your detoxification process, helps flush out the toxins and waste materials within your system. Getting more sleep and clean water is such a simple, vital, and effective step that will help you feel better.

it’s highly likely that you need to increase your vegetable intake. PaleoGreens and PaleoReds are an easy and healthy way to increase vegetable and fruit consumption and aids in your detoxification process. This is a wonderful way to get in the healthy detoxing foods; simple and cost effective. For additional support, you can add Detoxification Support Packets, which include chelating agents to rid your body of heavy metals.

1) Eliminate toxins going into your body – Our detox plan starts with minimizing our consumption of toxins and trash foods. This includes alcohol, artificial sugars, recreational drugs, processed foods, and foods high in carbs and fat. The basic rule of thumb is if you feel guilty about it, you shouldn’t eat it!