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Calcium: This is important for strong bones. Dairy such as milk contains plenty of calcium (but don’t have too much, because of the fat content). Eating leafy greens like chard, spinach and kale work wonders – why not make a kale and spinach omelette?

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If you’re preparing the soups yourself, make sure they contain plenty of vegetables. Lean sources of protein, such as beans, poultry or fish, can also be beneficial. You can also drink teas and fruit or vegetable juices to continue giving your body nutritional support.

Zinc: An essential mineral for healing, zinc helps to boost the immune system and is vital in helping your detox process. Red meat such as beef, nuts and beans contain plenty of this very important mineral for bodily repair.

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Complex Carbohydrates.

Spinach and parsley: These green leafy foods contain an amino acid called L-glutamine, and are best eaten raw to get the full benefit. L-glutamine is known for decreasing cravings for sugar and is therefore very useful when it comes to beating a desire for alcohol.

If you’re choosing a treatment program after researching how to detox from alcohol, it’s important to look for a program that includes nutritional assistance and behavioral change as part of the program. This will help to speed up your recovery and ease your transition to a newly sober life.