The Best Detox Drinks For Drug Tests: The Prime 5 To Flush

Quick Tip: You can follow the same plan can be followed with a bit of a twist – Have just one fruit all day long along with milk. Shreya Katyal suggests Banana and milk plan in which one can have up to 8 bananas with 700 ml milk. The banana-milk plan has been proved to be an effective weight loss method for ages.

Believe it or not, a glass of fresh juice can add tons of health benefits to your life – It’s easy to prepare, easy on the taste buds and a hit all through the year! Fresh juices can provide minerals, vitamins, essential fatty acids, carbohydrates and proteins; can improve energy levels, is good for the skin and can really strengthen your immune system.

Experts suggest that sticking with fruits and vegetables even after the detox program is completed is a good way to keep things moving. Detoxing can boost your energy levels too, as you are cutting out the intake of toxins and unhealthy food. Ultra Detoxing Flush - Crank Up Your

What to do: In this plan you can have an unlimited amount of veggies and fruits – there is absolutely no restriction on vegetables and fruits. You can eat whatever you like; the only key is to eat it in a healthy manner . Things to keep in mind: During this plan one should avoid the intake of milk. Also, usage of oil should be restricted. Don’t binge on just one veggie or fruit, your main motto should be to add variety.

This one for all the beginners out there – If you have never done a detox ever in your life, start with this plan.

Did you know red foods are known to promote heart health and boost immunity? The crimson red tint in foods comes from lycopene, which is known to reduce cholesterol and make your skin more sun resistant.

Due to the extreme nature of detoxing process and calorie restriction it may lead to initial weight loss, but one needs a combination of the right diet and exercise to maintain that.

Flush Out Those Toxins With 5 Top Detoxing Tips.